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 2011 National All Star Lacrosse Championships

Boys youth all star

**Do not contact the Lacrosse Evolution offices for the schedule, it will be sent to your coaches for approval then posted after that.**

The 5th Annual NALC Youth lacrosse tournament
is taking place July 17-18th in Downingtown, PA. In 2010, over 25 youth boys teams came out to compete at the top level. Come join us for another excellent weekend!

  • Date: July 16th-17th
  • Location: United Sports (USTC), Downingtown PA
  • Players: Boys Teams
  • Cost: $70/player
  • Team: Min 15, Max 25 players
  • Divisions: U15, U13, U11
  • Players must be 15, 13, or 11 years of age until December 31, 2010.
  • No high school experience is permitted for the U15 age bracket

Teams Attending so far in 2011
  • Noreaster Lacrosse Club (NJ) - U15
  • Madlax Lacrosse Club (VA) - U11, U13, U15
  • Braveheart Lacrosse Club - U11, U13, U15
  • Bellevue (WA) - U15
  • PYLA (PA) - U11,13,U15
  • Blue Mountain (PA) - U13, U15
  • West Coast Starz (CA) U15, U13
  • Tri State Lacrosse Club (NJ)- U11, U13, U15
  • Black Bear Lacrosse Club (PA)- U11
  • Gamerz Lacrosse Club (NY) - U13, U15
  • Quake Lacrosse Club (PA) - U11, U13, U15
  • NXT Lacrosse Club
  • Mesa Lacrosse Club - U15

Coaches: To register your teams,

1) Select the button to the right “Coaches Register Here”
2) You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a player code.
3) E-mail that player code to your team, and direct them to our website.
4) Have the players register to the right of this page on the “Player Registration” link.
5) They must enter in the code you gave them to register on your team.
Player registrations are due by June 15th – please be sure your players register on time. Coaches will be able to check the status of their teams registrations with the instructions they receive in that original confirmation e-mail.

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